EST. 1902

Mission Statement

To serve and protect the inhabitants and natural resources of Park County Fire District #2 as efficiently and effectively as possible through fire suppression, fire prevention, and public education activities. To assist other emergency services in the prevention of the loss of life and property from fire and other natural and man-made disasters.

About Fire District

Provides fire protection services for the City of Cody and a 3200 sq. mile district surrounding the city, making our district one of the largest volunteer districts in the United States.
The District is governed by a five member board of directors.
Four full time employees serve the district, the Administrator, Fire Marshal, Service Technician, and District Training Officer.

Why Volunteer

From their own words...

  • Opportunity to serve my community
  • The special feeling you get when you successfully intervene in an emergency
  • Opportunity to perform duties that most people would never be willing to do
  • The chance to learn skills necessary to advance through the ranks
  • Carry on or start a family tradition
  • Opportunity to meet new people and develop comradery
  • Experience excitement where no two calls are the same

Last Year Total Responses  2019

  • Structure                                        6
  • Wildland                                       45
  • Vehicle Fires                                  10
  • Accidents / Rescue                     58
  • Cancelled / False Alarms         104
  • Other                                            81
  •  Total                                         304

Monthly Responses
     December 2020

Vehicle Fires——1
Accidents / Rescue——9
Cancelled / False Alarms——1
Other—— 13

Year to Date Responses

  • Structure                                    10
  • Wildland                                     44
  • Vehicle Fires                               9
  • Accidents / Rescue                  63
  • Cancelled / False Alarms         71
  • Other                                            93
  • Total                                             290

Our Staff for 2021

Board Members:John Krebes
        Ray LozierBob Coe
        Ron HillJeff Steward
District Secretary:Ed Webster
Administrator:Jerry Parker
Fire Marshal:Sam Wilde
Dist. Training Officer:Rick Fleming
Service Technician:Mike Boone
Chief:Shane Spradlin
Asst. Chief Nathan Filener
Captains:Jim Schultz
 Bart Williams
        H.R. Coe
Secretary:Scott Michaels
Treasurer:John Marsh
St #1 Training Officer:Eric Williams
Rookie Trainers:Matt Schauland
 John Marsh
Southfork President:Jack Buffkin
Wapiti President:Joel Baum
Sunlight President:Scott Kincheloe