Park County Fire District 2 is a tax supported fire protection district which provides fire suppression and fire prevention services for a 3200 square mile area surrounding and including the City of Cody. It is directed by a five member elected board. The four full time employees are responsible for administrative assistance, maintenance, training, fire prevention, public education, budgeting, and fire cause investigation.

  • ​Station 1
  • ​STation 2
  • ​station 3
  • ​STation 4
  • ​Station 5
  • ​station 6

Station 6 is located at the Way West Subdivision in Sunlight Basin at 27 Road 7GR or 27 The Way West Road. It is staffed by 6 volunteer firefighters and contains the following:

  • Engine 16- 250 gallon per minute all wheel drive pumper; 750 gallon tank; all equipment to qualify as an ISO Class 9 engine.
    Engine 17- Brush truck.

A standard response for a structure fire within the city limits of Cody is:

  • Chief Officer
  • Engine 1
  • Engine 6
  • Squad 7
  • Engine 3

A standard response for a structure fire ​outside the city limits of Cody is:

  • Chief Officer
  • ​Closest rural engines
  • Engine 1
  • Engine 3
  • Engine 4
  • Squad 7

All firefighters are certified to at least Firefighter II by the State of Wyoming. All officers are certified to at least Fire Officer I by the State of Wyoming.

Insurance services Office (ISO) Rating:

Periodically, ISO conducts a survey of the fire district to determine the capabilities of the structural fire suppression delivery system in the community. The latest survey (2014) resulted in a rating of 4 within the City of Cody hydrant area and a 4X within 5 miles of any of our rural stations.

Automatic Fire Detection

Occupancies equipped with fire alarm and smoke detection systems occasionally have unwanted false alarms.  Both the public and responding fire district personnel are subjected to needless danger when fire personnel are called on to respond to false alarms.  In addition, the responding personnel and equipment are not available to respond to true emergencies. Park County Fire District #2 has implemented a policy to try to help reduce the number of false alarms.  

​Open Burning in Park County

 Park County Fire District 2 provides fire protection and rescue services for the City of Cody and northwest Park County. Included in the district is all of the South Fork area, the North Fork area, Sunlight, Crandall, the Powell Highway area to Lane 16 and Highway 120 south to Meeteetse Rim. Within the city limits of Cody open burning is regulated by city ordinance and is primarily allowed only for maintenance of open irrigation ditches. Please see the Burn Permit/Open Burning Regulations for the City of Cody.

Careful planning and preparation will help eliminate having your burn escape. The Park County Firewise website has information, and links to other helpful sites that can assist. Also please call our office at 527-8550 if you have additional questions about open burning or any other fire safety issues.


Contact: ​Jerry Parker
Administrator/Park County Fire Warden

​Conducting a burn?

Outside the city limits neither the fire district nor Park County regulate open burning unless fire restrictions have been put in place. We do however ask that notification is made whenever burns are conducted so that fire department resources and our volunteer firefighters are not tied up responding unnecessarily. Please follow these guidelines:

Call the Park County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 527-8700 and provide the following:

  •  Location of burn and what you will be burning.
  • Start time.
  • Contact person and phone number.
  • Call dispatch again when the burn is completed.

While we do not regulate open burning outside the city limits you need to be aware that you may be liable for any damage caused by your burn. There may also be Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality regulations concerning your burn. If you are located in the Powell, Meeteetse, or Clark Fire District they also appreciate notification as outline above.