Park County Fire District #2 enforces the International Fire Code in the City of Cody. 

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Knox Box Info

Properties which are equipped with an automatic fire detection and alarm system will periodically experience false alarms. When the fire department arrives if a key holder is not available to unlock the property then we have only two choices. Either we wait for a key holder to arrive or we force entry. Obviously if there are any visible signs of fire we will force entry. However it is possible for fire to be burning in an interior room and damage can be extensive prior to arrival of a key holder.

The Knox Box provides the property owner with a secure location to store any necessary keys. Our responding fire officers will have a master key to access the Knox Box and allow immediate entry to check for fire. A key holder must still respond so the fire department has someone to verify that the property is again secure after fire operations are complete.

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Requirements for Temporary Fire Watch

In the event that a required fire alarm/sprinkler system is determined to not be in proper working order for more than four (4) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period, the following actions shall be taken by the facility or the building shall be vacated:

  1. Notify Park County Fire District #2, and all facility personnel, that the fire alarm/sprinkler system is not operational.
  2. Establish a temporary fire watch by individuals* who are dedicated solely to fire watch duty.
  3. Provide fire watch personnel with a means of identifying themselves as authorized representatives of the facility.
  4. Each route to be covered by fire watch personnel shall be designated by the facility. The route shall be explicitly defined to ensure that the fire watch personnel patrols the correct area. The fire watch personnel assigned to each route shall be provided with instructions, all details regarding the route, and the functions to be carried out.
  5. Fire watch personnel shall make rounds at a minimum one (1) hour intervals. During the rounds, the fire watch personnel shall make a thorough inspection of all buildings or spaces including concealed areas, such as attics, unoccupied storage areas, etc. Fire watch personnel shall sign a log sheet maintained in the facility main office or other location approved by this office or fire department. Log sheet shall state begin time and end time of each individual round.
  6. Each facility shall establish programs for fire watch personnel to ensure they are familiar with the property being protected, including:

                       (a) All buildings, occupancies, and hazards.
                       (b) Fixed fire protection systems.
                       (c) Manual and automatic detection and alarm systems.
                       (d) Portable fire protection equipment.
                       (e) Emergency shutdown procedures and equipment for which they are responsible.
                       (f) The facility emergency action plan.

  1. Each facility shall ensure that fire watch personnel are familiar with the site-specific emergency plans for dealing with fires and other emergencies.
  2. Each facility shall ensure that fire watch personnel are familiar with the procedures to follow in the recognition and reporting of an emergency, including:

                      (a) When and how to use radio equipment, telephone, and private or public alarm boxes to summon aid.
                      (b) How to notify the fire department, and other emergency response organizations.
                      (c) How to initiate and conduct evacuation procedures throughout the building(s) in an orderly manner.
                      (d) What facility personnel to contact.

  1. Fire watch personnel shall be provided with a means for continuous communication (i.e., two-way radio; walkie-talkies; etc.) with a constantly attended location such as the administrative office where a public address announcement can be made throughout all buildings in the event of an emergency.**
  2. Each facility manager/administrator shall ensure that:

                     (a) Time record charts of fire watch personnel are promptly reviewed.
                     (b) Files are maintained for review by representatives of any authority having jurisdiction.
                     (c) All irregularities are investigated, recorded, and corrective action is taken.

  1. A continuously updated directory of names, telephone numbers, and other information to assist in making emergency calls shall be kept at the facilities administrative office. This directory shall include the telephone numbers of key facility personnel to be notified in an emergency, fire, police and emergency medical service departments, and other outside agencies needed in an emergency.


*It shall be the responsibility of management to ensure that fire watch personnel are capable of performing all functions of a fire watch as defined in this document. Note: Local ordinances may require the fire department having jurisdiction to conduct the fire watch; however, the fire watch guidelines, as stated in this document, shall be implemented.

**In buildings or areas of the building without public address systems, there shall be a sufficient number of fire watch personnel to initiate evacuation procedures throughout the building in an orderly manner.